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Are ERP for SMEs helpful? Yes. An efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the foundation of any small business. It aids in the optimization of workflow, resource management, and financial management. One could believe that an ERP system was originally created to run large scale organizations, however this is not the case with SAP Business One. SAP realized the potential of a well-oiled corporate management system. Therefore it has effectively tailored it to meet the demands of small and midsize businesses. SAP for small business enables you to integrate your complete organization and obtain a 360-degree perspective of your operations. As a result, your organization can respond to market demand with clarity, flexibility, and efficiency. So here are five reasons why SAP B1 is ideal for SMEs.

It is flexible and devoid of unnecessary functions.

Many SMEs ERP systems feature multiple functionalities that aren’t being used. However, B1 provides functions based on your organizational requirements and maintains them simple enough for everyone to use. When selecting ERP solutions, small to mid-sized businesses prioritize functionality and flexibility. This is likely one of SAP Business One’s most significant advantages. Every organization has a somewhat unique perspective on flexibility, such as adding extra fields, eliminating unnecessary functionalities for a better user interface, or generating custom reports, among other things. Others wish to create totally new integrations to meet specific business requirements. This is where SAP Business One can handle it all.

Grows your business according to the industry specifics

Technology must always evolve in order to keep up with the times. SAP B1 ERP is such software which is extremely scalable, with support ranging from 10 users up to 1000 users. The system’s capabilities range from a few hundred to a million transactions per second. SAP Business One solutions provide plenty of options for facilitating businesses to grow internationally and supporting various operational modules. It also gives you the option of buying what you want and when you need it, thanks to its versatile configuration possibilities and also its vast varied industry vertical solutions. It adjusts industry-specific procedures to ensure minimal inputs while optimizing outputs. Over 1300+ industry-specific solutions have been developed through co-innovation with partners and clients.

Improved decision making in ensuring better ROI

The ease of making fundamental business decisions becomes simpler with SAP B1, since information can be accessed through a single system and accurate data is readily available. Such data and information are easily accessible and regularly updated in an ERP system, enabling SMEs to make better business decisions.

Small businesses frequently use low-cost solutions such as spreadsheets or relatively basic accounting software, which is good when the company is relatively small with a low volume of transactions. But with large enterprise processes and increasing transactions, implementing SAP B1 in a growing business will improve the recovery of lost orders, inventory shortages, poor planning, missed invoicing, missed shipments, and general lack of control, all of which are critical for success and growth.

A strong ecosystem supporting SAP Business One

There are three key players in the ecosystem: The Vendor, The Partner, and Software Solution Partners (SSP). When you examine the SAP Business One ecosystem, you will notice that it is highly established in comparison to other ERP solutions. SAP has grown to become the world’s largest vendor, with 80 percent of its customers being small to medium-sized businesses. Also there are more than 700 partners in the SAP Business One network worldwide. It also has 300 SSP partners and over 500 solutions which can be linked with the solution.

In the unlikely event that a customer is dissatisfied with their partner, this gives them the option to switch. If you choose an ERP solution where you deal directly with the vendor and are dissatisfied with the service, you must replace the entire solution rather than just the installation partner.

SAP Business One is specifically designed for SMEs 

One popular myth is that SAP Business One is merely a lesser version of SAP’s large enterprise ERP products. That’s not the case with SAP Business One, which has been created with the needs of small business in mind. It provides the capabilities and functionality that SMEs require without the added complexity of a large enterprise solution. The system is also intended to be simple to use in order to encourage user adoption among small businesses who have never used ERP before. It demonstrates that it is a comprehensive solution that unifies functionality across all company areas, allowing SMEs to get everything they need in a single package at an outstanding value.

SAP B1 for SMEs
Reasons SMEs need ERP


The above mentioned points are few of many reasons why SAP Business One is the best erp for SMEs. Furthermore, it can be deployed on Cloud or On Premise which further enhances your productivity and flexibility of your business. SkySurge, being one of the value added cloud partners, can help your small and midsize business implement this software in your organization without any hiccups for major returns and smooth running of your enterprise. 

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