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SkySurge is a young dynamic company headquartered in Bangalore and office in Singapore.


The company focuses on providing innovative business solutions that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively in complex environments

SkySurge is the fastest-growing solution provider with multi-tenant architecture and mobile-based ERP SAP Business One – Powered by HANA

One of the leading Value Added Reseller of SAP and only Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) Partner in India


The agility and pro-activeness of a compact consulting firm with the quality and professionalism of a larger one.


To provide indefinite growth for the entire SMB segment by building an everlasting partnership.


Engage with customer to improve efficiency and effectiveness in every business processes.


Sachin BG

CEO & Director

Sachin helms SkySurge with a hands-on-deck approach. His vast experience ––  as a Virtual CFO for countless organizations as well as a Partner with AVS Financial Solutions –– has helped shape SkySurge into a solution-based outfit that seeks the bring the best value to clients. At SkySurge, he takes an active role in building partnerships and implementing new directives.

Varun Bharadwaj

Director – Marketing

Having worked as an Independent Financial Advisor for many years, Varun is well-versed in deriving the best financial outcomes for our partners. His educational background in Business Administration and a keen interest in emerging technologies lay the foundation for his role at SkySurge –– where he is constantly innovating new ways to improve our service offerings and create better value for our clients. In his free time, Varun is a vigorous advocate for many causes close to his heart.