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Auto Components

SAP Business One – For Auto Components Manufacturer

Gear up to meet challenges. Thrive in a competitive marketplace. Be the preferred auto component maker – always.

Whether you are a manufacturer of engine parts, drive transmission and steering parts, body and chassis, suspension and brake parts, electrical parts, equipment or other auto components, you can accelerate the time-to-market by perfectly aligning your research and development, design and manufacturing with your customers’ needs. With SAP Business One on Cloud, you can manage the entire manufacturing and supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively for domestic and global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and after-markets.

Whether you operate a single plant or multiple plants across the globe, you can benefit from industry-leading functionalities and best practices, tailored to the needs of auto component manufacturers. Our solution incorporates wisdom gained from years of experience working with your industry counterparts.

With SAP Business One on Cloud for the auto component industry, you can deliver an unparalleled customer experience by leveraging the best-in-class functionalities for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Analytics powered by HANA


Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

Implement flexible manufacturing. Profit form custom designs.

As a manufacturer of industrial machinery and products, you are faced with frequent changes in specification, design, processes, etc. Managing several non-standard materials and processes on the one hand and emphasizing lean manufacturing, on the other hand, is not an easy task to deal with. How well you manage these complexities helps distinguish your enterprise from competitors.

SAP Business One on Cloud for the industrial machinery and products manufacturers helps you in overcoming these challenges and complexities smoothly. With years of experience in working with organizations in your industry, we know just how to implement much-needed visibility across your organization, and help you plan and execute a cost-effective supply chain. All the processes required in industrial machinery and products manufacturing are well-integrated into SAP Business One on Cloud and you get a smooth flow of data to manage your business.


Precision Products

Delight customers. Make your products count. Grow, to lead the market.

As a precision products manufacturer, you need to be really careful at every stage — be it choosing raw materials, sourcing from vendors, or making use of complex machineries. You need to innovate, and establish world-class quality — to instill confidence in your customers’ minds. SAP Business One on Cloud can be your companion, to achieve all this and much more. You can experience the power of SAP , as it assists you in every stage, to become a world class manufacturer.



Don’t just survive the competition. Beat it.
The scarcity of power and raw material, coupled with rising costs, makes it critical for steel manufacturers to remain competitive in order to survive. Both small, unorganized players and large Multinationals find that it is imperative to have a 360 degree view of the business on a continual basis. And that is exactly what SAP Business One on Cloud guarantees.

Whether you are a single product producer or a producer of custom-specific steel products, you need a solution that seamlessly integrates your operations and brings you the best of business practices in Steel and Steel products manufacturing

Consumer Product

Offer customers better value. Accelerate growth. Be fast moving.

Being in the consumer market, your success is related to your ability to deliver better value to your customers across geographies. Be it demand aggregation, stocking more and more fast-movers, shipping from multiple warehouses across geographies or simply tracing the goods sold, SAP Business One on Cloud for the Consumer Industry makes your business easier to handle—ensuring that you deliver nothing short of delight to your customers, with every transaction!

Gain from SAP’s years of value chain enhancement experience to fuel your growth. Take it that the traceability of your manufactured and sub-contracted goods is a done task. Focus your efforts more on innovation. With SAP Business One on Cloud, you can watch and manage all aspects of your business from traceability to production yield, thereby ensuring the success of your value-engineering processes.