An Overview of SAP Business One ERP Modules

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SAP B1 ERP Modules

An ERP software is a software program for managing the operations of an organization. These systems are classified as tactical, operational and strategic ERPs. As the former facilitates daily operational functions, such as accounting, payroll, and human resources management, the latter facilitates decisions regarding resource allocation, performance evaluation, and long-term planning. All of these constituent to ERP Modules. One of the best ERP solutions for SMEs is SAP Business One.

SAP Business One is a single, cost-effective solution for managing accounting and finances, inventory, sales, and customer relationships. If your company has outgrown its small accounting software, now is the time to switch and discover how SAP B1 makes business easier. The modules offer several functionality sets that allow small and medium businesses to improve efficiency, productivity and visibility.

ERP Modules of SAP Business One

Financial Management: Automate your accounting processes with the help of an ERP software. As a result, receipts and payables are collected and paid in a timely manner. You can generate customized reports with real-time information in accordance with your business needs. Track your property’s statistics digitally to eliminate manual entry.

Sales and Customer Management: Track your sales process and leading things to do at some stage in the sales cycle. Analyze all sales potentialities between customers to develop sales and profitability. Hence you can manage all customer data within a certain region through synchronization or management of customer relations in Outlook.

Purchasing and Inventory Control: Streamline the process of obtaining goods by requesting requisitions, getting approval for purchases, and creating receipts. Improve auditing by matching all related documents with each other, viewing information trails or handling multiple currencies. Modules for inventory management can be integrated with modules for purchasing in order to effectively and efficiently manage stocks.

Business Intelligence: Make quick and accurate reports using company-wide data, drag and relate, drill down, and use search assistance and workflow-based alerts. You can also get insights faster by using tools for relating and drilling down data.

Analytics and Reporting: Design intuitive, interactive dashboards and reports to answer your most urgent questions. Furthermore, management can determine revenue, cost, and money flow, monitor performance, and utilize fast corrective measures. Access facts quicker and with SAP Business One, you can simplify record keeping.

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