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Is customer satisfaction having the top priority in your company? Then follow these SAP Business One sales process to ensure your customer demands quickly!!! Review the basic steps in the sales process for making detailed marketing document.

SAP B1 sales process is where you make a detailed marketing document from sending quotation of goods, till its delivery. SAP Business One document flow includes all the required applicable information from one document to preceding documents. So you can modify the sales process steps according to the requirement of your business processes.

SAP sales process flow:

  • Sales quotation: It is a starting step of the sales and this involves what would be the cost of the goods or the work they would like to have done that are given to the prospective buyers.
  • Sales order: The sales order is pledging from the customer to buy a product or service at the agreed quantity and price.
  • Delivery: Delivery indicates the shipment of goods or hand over of services that has occurred
  • A/R Invoice: It is the only document that has to be created in the sales process. Hence It is a kind of request for payment and it will contain all the revenue details of the profit and loss statements.
  • Incoming payment: Incoming payments, receive the payment from customers, here automatic internal reconciliation takes place. Most of the internal payments happen through the banking module.

You can make a payment while creating the invoice but before doing this you have to choose the means of payments icon provided there and then you can enter the amount. That will create the incoming payment to the invoice that you have created.

SAP Business One Sales Management Module:

SAP Business One Sales Management modules provides the tools for accurate management of the sale process and customer support throughout the process. Besides it is functionality that provides a complete view of customer demand and better understanding to fulfill customer needs to have a great range of customer satisfaction.

Sales order creation in SAP step by step:

1. In the command field, enter the T-code as VA01, select the create with reference button to create sales order and quotation, then select the order type or standard order, and fill all the banks of the sales organization / Distribution Channel / Division in Organizational Data block.

2. Add the quotation number in the blank provide in front of quotation tab and then click on the copy button.

3. Fill the empty places with proper data of Ship-To-Party, PO number and PO date. Fill up the required delivery date, then we can manipulate the order quantity as required and finally click on the save button.

4. Finally a message of “standard order is has been saved” will be displayed on the screen.

Sap sales order process flow chart:

It involves following main functionality

  1. Sales order processing: This process includes the creation, update, and maintenance of the documents of the sales order.
  2. Deliver processing: It provides the delivery documents for a sale order document it involves shipment, monitoring of the delivery.
  3. Outbound delivery process: It involves the transportation of products to the customer places.
  4. Billing: It involves the creation and delivery of customer invoices.

Hence, SAP is an interface that combines the all your functions and business process.

Major advantages of sales process with sap business one:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Upgrades the profit margin.
  • Excellent decision making.
  • Increasing business scalability.
  • Great customer satisfaction to your business.
  • Great control over business.

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