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The SAP HANA database is an in-memory database created and developed by SAP and is accessible across several SAP platforms, including SAP Business One. In a nutshell, HANA for SAP B1 is an in-memory database that’s designed to deliver high performance. Big data quantities can be processed more quickly with in-memory databases. By utilizing HANA, you are able to evaluate massive amounts of data within milliseconds.It is wonderful news for its clients that this technology is now accessible to SMEs.

You’ll learn that there are two database choices for SAP Business One: Microsoft SQL and SAP HANA. Unless you’re really tech-savvy, you’re definitely asking a few questions…

What distinguishes SQL from HANA? 

Database technology is the main distinction. Microsoft SQL uses disk storage technology for its databases. Designed for high-volume transactional and analytical workloads, SAP HANA is a high-performance analysis appliance. An in-memory database will ensure speed and prevent performance concerns in case of large data loads.

Features of SAP B1 HANA

SAP B1 HANA Cockpit

The in-memory capabilities of SAP HANA for SAP Business One allow users to slice and dice massive volumes of data at record speed. In addition to rapid computing, HANA provides B1 with many advantages and opportunities that go beyond in-memory computing. 

Pervasive Analytics Dashboard Designer

HANA’s pervasive analytics’ dashboard builder has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to create a dashboard with predefined widgets or custom widgets. Embedding KPI widgets into core objects can also reduce the need to return to your dashboard

This dashboard builder is great for non-technical users seeking to build quick and easy dashboards, but you can only customize some widgets and queries.

Access to real-time information

SAP B1 HANA’s in-memory technology enables previously unthinkable analytical possibilities. Also Cash Flow Forecasting allows the user to dynamically forecast cash flow with multiple criteria and timelines.A finance manager may now include more transactions, change the cash flow criteria, and alter the dates to rapidly obtain a visual representation of the cash flow for the coming week, month, or six months. This is all done in real time using a single report. 

Enterprise Search

With the help of SAP HANA’s enterprise search capabilities, you can search the whole SAP Business One database for information on clients, vendors, products in your inventory, documents, and more. Additionally there’s a wild card search throughout the entire database and perhaps years of history. 

Workflow Customization

There is no avoiding the fact that your company’s requirements and procedures will evolve over time. When you make a significant change, you may require the aid of your B1 partner. However, if you need to make a quick modification, your internal system administrator can quickly modify the workflow and documents using the HANA Workbench tool. It’s quite useful, especially if you have a team with excellent technical resources.

SAP B1 HANA features

Which is better? SQL or HANA

The answer will always depend on your business requirements. There is no doubt that SAP B1 HANA (in memory) is gaining traction and offering new features and functions such as additional analytical options, additional integration options, added functionality and a modern cockpit interface as well as the enterprise HANA features. Get in touch with us to know what suits your business more.

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