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An essential phase in your evaluation that demands a lot of focus is thoroughly assessing ERP systems. While you may be tempted to concentrate primarily on the ERP vendor selection criteria, you also need to give equal consideration to the ERP partner who will implement and support your chosen solution. 

In light of the fact that your partner will join your company and work with you not only during implementation but also for years after that, choosing the best partner is an essential aspect of your choice. Your ERP system’s initial and long-term performance depends on building a solid working relationship. 

Modern enterprises automate key business functions across various departments like operations, financials, and human resources using SAP Business One solution. However, to capitalize the advantages of ERP Solution, you must make a smart choice by picking a reputed SAP partner. They can manage the supply, design, install, integrate, and execute the system while creating specialized software in accordance with your business model and client needs. The following factors surely come in handy.

SAP Partner
Factors for choosing SAP Partner

Experience: A partner with extensive industry knowledge and a solid track record of delivering solutions on time and under budget is who you should seek out. Inquire about the results they’ve achieved for other clients and make sure to talk with references. The IT firm ought to have a group of certified developers who have contributed to numerous SAP projects in a variety of business sectors.

Service: You must ensure that the SAP B1 partner you select provides round-the-clock technical support and maintenance services. Many businesses fail to offer technical support after integrating software into the client’s business system, despite having sufficient resources and domain knowledge.

Team: Aside from having good experience, you should focus on the developer’s team’s technical understanding or subject competence. Companies who are SAP Partners undergo thorough verification, frequently evaluate data centers, and provide a range of services. These businesses must have the resources necessary to manage projects of any scale. A senior, knowledgeable SAP Business One consultant is essential.

Timeline: Time is Money. Your project will be completed successfully and swiftly if your SAP partner has a sound installation approach. User buy-in will be higher, and you’ll see a faster return on investment the sooner you get up and running. Therefore have a well-defined implementation plan and subsequent steps.

Location: Do the SAP Business One partner’s offices, installation crew, and other clients exist in your state or territory? While not the most crucial aspect to take into account when choosing partner but localization facilitates implementation and support. 


To assure corporate development while streamlining processes and reducing complexity, choosing the proper SAP B1 partner is crucial. We sincerely hope that these factors will help you select the best SAP Business One partner company. Skysurge is a prominent IT solutions company. We provide solutions like SAP Business One HANA, Add-ons development, SAP Business One Cloud Solution, and SAP Business One Mobility Solution as a renowned SAP Business One partner. Additionally, we support cutting-edge businesses in streamlining complexity and implementing digital transformation into their operations.

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