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Going live with your new cloud ERP implementation is a major achievement and should be appreciated in the moment. The Entire ERP Project having successfully cross the finish line – ideally on time and under budget definitely calls for a celebration. But it’s important to know, it doesn’t end here.

A Successful ERP is not a one-off activity, especially in the context of digital transformation. As you may know change for betterment is in-evitable. Ongoing reviews and improvements are part of an ERP Implementation and are essential to maintain benefits from the new system. In fact, we will look at some key points for the best long-term results.

Implementing ERP System is Perpetual: The work never ends

Given the costs and overall complexity, it’s no surprise that even after successfully going live, it will still need constant attention. There are many valid reasons for continuously investing time, effort and money into it, and they include:

Knowledge Preservation

Lack of knowledge is a prime cause of ERP failure. People forget how the system works with time, leading to mistakes and oversights. Accordingly, it’s important to document everything soon after the ERP goes live, so that you have the right reference. That way, you will extend the life of the ERP system with easy navigation even when the consultants and employees who initially worked on during implementation have moved on.

Bringing new hires up to speed

We can assume that employees recruited after the ERP goes live will not know how the implementation was done. That’s why many organizations have manuals and training courses to educate them on the system. However, it’s more efficient to get an on-demand support from the implementation Partner itself.

Keeping software up-to-date

Cyber-attacks are common for many organizations. They can lead to data breaches that huge damages, regulatory penalties and business loss. Applying security patches and other software updates is one of the most reliable ways to keep threats away. This is possible with a proper governance strategy.

How can you achieve this?

With a Successful implementation Track Record, the SkySurge team has deep experience in assisting its customers before, during and after their ERP goes live. Moreover with your Trust in Us, We can stay by your side post go-live, whether you need help with cloud migration, backup, Security or incorporation of new technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning.

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