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Your clients have one thing in common, whether you give solutions tailored to a certain sector or provide cross-industry services, they want to devote less effort to developing and managing IT systems and more time to developing greater products and services for their own consumers. This is where Partner Managed Cloud comes to the rescue. This is one cloud option that doesn’t get nearly enough attention these days.

Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) is a solution in which a SAP cloud service provider acquires a customer’s SAP licenses on their behalf, then combines those licenses with a cloud hosting and managed services solution and transforms it into a monthly operating expenditure (OPEX). This helps in clients no longer spending valuable capital on their SAP licenses up front. Enterprises typically shift their systems to the cloud to obtain new levels of agility and cost-effectively launch services. SAP partners thereby help in providing their customers with fully integrated, proven SAP software solutions to handle important business operations. 

How does PMC work?

The customer chooses the software needs and the length of the agreement. On behalf of the customer, the cloud service provider obtains a term license from SAP for the requested software. To support the given software, the cloud provider scopes a cloud hosting and managed services solution. Based on the terms of the agreement, the partner bundles three components into a single monthly charge for the customer. They are the SAP license, cloud hosting, and managed services.

How does it help your business?

SaaS : SaaS is all the rage, but what does it actually mean? Through this widely adopted solution, you can reduce your dependency on the traditional ownership model. This in turn increases your agility and flexibility. The advantage of this approach is that you can take advantage or not of software services at any time, adapting your investment to suit the business’s needs instead of the other way around. By doing so, you are able to significantly reduce your dependence on aging infrastructure and CAPEX. 

Hosting : You can host the SAP Partner Managed Cloud solution on either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Therefore, you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining tight security and control. You do not need to manage multiple commercial relationships, license requirements, or maintenance requirements, since SAP can handle these aspects for you and can guarantee the scale and security that you need. 

Pace: In its long history, SAP has recognized that companies cannot be forced to adopt cloud services at set pace. As companies have different needs, markets & strategies, they need to account for those differences and adaptable enough to meet these requirements. It is here where SAP cloud providers really excels and you can enter the cloud easily. With the pace and price that fits within your budget, and with the flexibility that fits your specific goals.

Package: SAP cloud providers enables licensing, hosting, migration, implementation, and managed support to all be integrated into one seamless ecosystem. As a secure hosting solution with strong connectivity to your existing infrastructure, a reliable backbone of IT, and an optimized total cost of ownership, it is a smart solution for modern businesses seeking to cut operating costs without compromising on productivity.

Is functionality a concern? The PMC program integrates the same standard on-premise versions of SAP products you may already know, so there are no limitations to the functionality or customization of the program. Alternatively, clients can utilize industry-specific solutions and Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS).

Benefits of the Partner Managed Cloud Model

  • Focusing on your core business — Invest minimal time and attention in creating and sustaining IT systems. Allow your organization’s skilled employees to focus on what they do best: innovation, delivering quality goods, and exceptional customer service.
  • Increase profitability — Avoid the initial cost, effect on earnings, balance sheet, and long approval periods related to capital expense financing. Pay as you go with your operational expenditure budget to free up cash while retaining the economic flexibility required.
  • Minimize your total cost of ownership – Rather than recruiting your own qualified professionals and acquiring your own IT infrastructure, utilize the expertise, integrated resources, and scalability that only an experienced cloud service provider can give.
  • Accelerate time to value -To get things ready you don’t have to wait any longer. You can begin acknowledging business esteem quicker by utilizing the center capabilities and framework.
  • Reduce the uncertainty of anticipating your future software usage needs and operating costs. By consolidating software, hardware, and support costs into a single monthly subscription fee per user, you gain predictability and control.
  • Reduce Risk – Reduce the uncertainty of anticipating your future software usage needs and operating costs. Consistency and predictability are gained by consolidating software, hardware, and support costs into a single, per-user, monthly fee.
  • Run the updated Software – Maintain your SAP software with the latest updates, enhancements, and new features.
Partner Managed Cloud Service Provider
Partner Managed Cloud

There are also other substantial implementation advantages. Firstly, A bundle of solutions means fewer vendors are involved, which reduces the customer’s work load. It is much easier to procure, implement, and manage infrastructure. Additionally, SAP will be deployed in the cloud, so ramp-up time for the architecture is almost non-existent! In addition, companies are now able to significantly reduce configuration times with industry solutions and RDS images than they would be if they were making use of a “vanilla” installation back in the day. Cloud service providers like SkySurge already have relationships with SAP-certified firms, making implementation more efficient since the latter can assess, architect, and implement SAP solutions more quickly.

Lastly, customers off SAP maintenance for two or more years may re-license their SAP products under the PMC program in order to get back on SAP support and avoid any maintenance back-payments. In addition to offering re-licensing options for SAP products that have been off SAP maintenance for more than two years, PMC may also help to avoid maintenance back-payments. Subsequently, in the event that you host involved a third gathering support supplier before, yet are presently keen on HANA, need to update your EHP level, require the execution of another SAP item, or you basically have to right-measure your licenses, the cloud suppliers can convey what you want in an exceptionally financially savvy way.

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