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Small to medium-sized enterprise business is started to fulfill the local requirements. Most of the small and medium-size businesses aren’t sure what they need or even where to start looking when it comes to growth of the business. Most of them don’t know what is ERP, why it is used for. No matter what size of manufacturer or distributor you are, It is necessary to maintain proper data. This helps in substantial growth of your business. As a small business owner wants to grow your business in a structured way effective management of data, then it is very important to install ERP software for your SMEs.

Installing the ERP system for your business streamlines your business process from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships, and project management, to operations and human resources.

Before looking at what are the advantages of ERP lets have a look into what is ERP is??

Using ERP software, you can manage sales, purchasing, accounting, Human Resources, customer service, CRM, and inventory processes of different businesses. In the past, it was primarily used by large organizations but now it is primarily used by small and medium-sized businesses to streamline their business process and to manage all data in one place. Benefits of ERP software made SMEs grow faster by concentrating on more sales and IT sectors rather than data management.

Advantages of ERP software

1. Increases the productivity

As ERP system maintains the master data of all the departments which segregate the data for vendors, customers, products/materials, routines and manufacturing work processes, bill of material (BOM). Hence this data reduces the work involved by each department to submit the data and reduces the risk of referring excel sheets for each department. This reduces the time involved in the process and increases productivity.

2. Structured reporting

Using ERP software to manage the complete data of the manufacturing process, all data will be available on a single platform and you can get the complete data chart in a single shot. This system generates all useful data reports and analytics at any time. Also this reduces the risk of checking each department data in different files to generate the complete report.

3. Secured and quality data

Cloud-based ERP system provides a high level of security to the company’s data. Not only security it maintains the accuracy and consistency of the data by providing a single input system for the process thereby maintaining the quality of the data.

4. Reduces the cost of data management

Installing ERP system for your manufacturing industry reduces IT cost by managing all departments data in a single platform. Reduces spending resources on multiple systems that all need dedicated staff, infrastructure, support teams, and licenses.  Using an ERP system also reduces the training requirement of the end users. They only need to learn on how to interact with the system rather than interacting with several individual application.

5. Customization

Based on the business requirement all the enterprise resource planning system offers varied types of applications which can be implemented. These types of software make your process flow easily; you can choose which suits best for your business by leaving the rest which you don’t need.

6. Improved efficiency and visibility

By reducing the time taken for data management, ERP system increases the efficiency of employees with single data management platforms. The use of ERP systems increases data accessibility and ensures maximum efficiency when tracking interdepartmental processes. It is easy for the higher management to access the data of each department on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Things you need to consider before installing ERP system for your business!!

Tip #1 – Be ready with your complete business process flow and plan your business strategy before installing or purchasing ERP software for your SMEs. To know what actually happens in your business, you should examine it completely.

Tip #2 – Talk to your team or staff who are responsible for handling the software. Check their ability to learn new things faster. Because effective handling of the software increases the efficiency and accuracy in data management and increases the productivity.

Tip #3 – Check with friends or business partners who are already using this software for their business get the clarification on how that will help your business run faster.

Tip #4 – Choose best SAP ERP software service provider to install the software and to maintain. Also check whether they will provide training to your staff or not.

Tip #5 –Based on your process flow chart cross verify the modules required for your business. Which will become easy to install only required things?

Tip #6 – Be sure to budget the ERP cost, along with the implementation, integration, and onboarding.

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