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The Most Important HR Business Tools


HR software

Provide an exceptional employee experience. Get operational HR out of the way to make time for high-value tasks.

Payroll Software

Celebrate complete adherence to the law, timely payment of paychecks, and stress-free month finishes.

Leave Management

Leave types. Leave tracking. Leave applications. Leave policy. And more. Real time automation of attendance.

Features of an HRMS

Payroll Management

1. Setup limitless components and intricate salary schemes
2. Easy completion of payroll
3. Create payslips and pay registers in various formats.
4. Comprehensive reconciliation tools
5. Payroll inputs from the HR, Leave, and Attendance modules are integrated.
6. Organize payments for loans, advances, and reimbursements.
7. Employers can submit online payments for flex-pay structures.
8. Salary increments and arrears are computed automatically.
9. Collect IT savings and proof from workers online.
10. Excel importer for bulk transactions

Statutory compliance​

1. PF, PT, ESI, and TDS pre-built computation ensures 100% statutory compliance.
2. Produce PF, ECR, and ESI files.
3. Form 24Q validation extract for quarterly submissions (built-in FVU)
4. LWF, bonuses, minimum wages, maternity benefits, gratuities, leave encashment, etc. are all handled completely.
5. Create reports for the Shops and Establishments Act, the Factories Act, the CLRA, and other Labor legislation.
6. Timely update on statutory rule revisions
7. A tool for ad hoc reporting and 350+ MIS reports are available.
8. Access to a website that provides updates on labour laws

Core HR​

1. Gather entire employee lifetime data
2. Simple workflow – integrated key event activities and checklists
3. Write letters and keep a file on each employee
4. Receive notifications and reminders on crucial dates.
5. Utilize helpdesk, memos, and feeds to engage staff
6. HR MIS reports and instructive dashboards
7. Create/extract ad hoc reports (Query Builder)
8. Employees have online and mobile app access.

Leave management​

1. Create different leave kinds and policy parameters
2. Create regulations based on employee groupings
3. Adaptable multi-regional and multi-location holiday list
4. Allow employees to apply, cancel, and approve requests online.
5. Monitor and track compensatory leave
6. Condense vacations of one’s own choosing (restricted holidays)
7. Simple automated and manual year-end roll-over
8. Dashboards and reporting are extensive.

Attendance management​

1. Integrate with a variety of attendance capture devices
2. Alternatives to h/w attendance (mobile-based Geo-mark and Geo-tracking)
3. Setup Criteria for presence or absence, late entry or early exit fines, and other policy parameters
4. Extensive shift management, rostering, and overtime management
5. Check attendance and make it consistent
6. Produce in-depth understanding (dashboards and reports)
7. Integrated with payroll to align any salary deductions

Employee self service​

1. Employees may access critical information at any time, from anywhere.
2. Monitoring absence requests, swipes for attendance, and other things
3. Vacation schedule and leave balance
4. Make use of the directory to contact staff members, reporting managers, and others.
5. Specifics of the organization’s loan
6. Paystubs, PF contributions, IT declarations, and more
7. Submit payroll inputs such as FBP, reimbursement claims, IT declaration and POI.

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