Supply chain management is a process to control, plan, and execute the product or service flow, the network of business and people from acquiring raw material to production through distribution to end users.  The supply chain management is applicable to all kinds of production process from smaller food production to larger machinery production. Sap software makes these SCM process easy to manage and implement in any type of industries.


Small to medium-sized enterprise business is started to fulfill the local requirements.Most of the small- and medium-size businesses aren’t sure what they need or even where to start looking when it comes to growth of the business. Most of them don’t know what is ERP why it is used for. No matter what size of manufacturer or distributor you are, It is necessary to maintain proper data to grow your business. As small business owner wants to grow your business in a structured way effective management of data, then it is very important to install ERP software for your business.


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